1492 Studio – Is it Love Game Review

1492 Studio - Is it Love Game Review

Ubisoft has announced their newly acquired: 1492 Studio, which is an episodic, interactive platform for romance stories designed for mobiles. The game is called is it love?

You can install your new favorite interactive 1492 studio- is it love? game from Google’s play store and begins your own virtual adventure of romance, lust, love, and friendship.

Your love story begins on your first day at a new company called Ryan Corp, the founder of the company is none other than the charming and mysterious Ryan Carter. You soon find your workload is taking its toll. You’re overwhelmed, there are too many new faces and you have to make some new friends in order to keep your sanity.

You’ll befriend the cheerful Lisa Parker, a loyal secretary worker with a kind heart and Matt Ortego, a playful and witty Graphic Design Artist. You’ll meet many more along the way in 1492 Studio-is it love? You can form bonds with a variety of new characters on your interactive journey, including the very handsome Gabriel Simons, the serial romantic with a long list of broken hearts on his sleeve.

This virtual world is one that sucks you in and lets you play out your own virtual social situations to give you a break from the stress of reality. 1492 Studio -is it love is one of the top five grossing IOS games in France and is thought to soon take off everywhere else too!

As the game is episodic, in each instance you get to plan out your own story, make your own choices and find your own virtual romance.

Is it Love? Peter

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In one episode of is it love? we meet Peter-the vampire. Your character has had supernatural abilities since childhood and this particular episode plays out very much like a television sitcom. You have decided to leave everything in this storyline and have found yourself a new job at Bartholy Manor. You are life in help in exchange for caring for the youngest of the manor, Lorie.

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There are a lot of unanswered mysteries here but, for you, one mystery in partial needs solving, the mystery of Peter, the only inhabitant who you can’t get off your mind. His melancholy and mysterious nature might just catch you off your guard as you decide whether to face danger and unveil some deep, dark secrets or leave things be.

Is it Love? Matt

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If supernatural fantasy isn’t really your thing, the is It love-Matt? storyline might be more your cup of tea. Matt is a rebellious character, often described as spunky and at times a little annoying. Your artist friend can be a bit of a slacker but is always open to offering you advice.

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Whenever your character shows affection to another character he can get a little jealous and angry, so don’t be shocked if Matt comes across a little rude at times, there’s a secret candle burning in him burning for you.

Is it Love? Drogo

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Back in the supernatural realms, another member of the Bartholy manor is the youngest of the brothers, Drago. The romantic lead in this scenario is rebellious, snarky, short tempered and quick witted, but still remains desirable.

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He is particularly protective of you. which you can at times find endearing, but you can also bump heads quite a bit. Being a live in nanny you’ve got a lot on your plate in this story line, how you choose to tackle it, is up to you.

Is it Love? Ryan

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Ryan Carter is the founder of the company and your new boss. He can be a bit of a hard ass and likes to keep your work load busy! In fact, he likes to keep everyone’s work load busy. Though he can be a bit of a hard-ass, you might find him incredibly charming.

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He is handsome and mysterious, not giving too much away at once, he could intrigue you to find out more about the real him.

Is it Love? Colin

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Colin is also a member of Ryan Corp. He isn’t like the others though, he is calm, cool and collected. There is though, a wild side too him. He is a rocker and performer for concerts, as the lead vocalist of rock band Nightmareden.

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His friendly nature makes him charming, and he can sport both a soft and spunky side that might leave you wanting to get to know him more. He is a romantic at heart, disguised in long black hair and rock attire. He can offer you some worldly advice and takes care of his family and friends to the best of his abilities.

Is it Love? Gabriel

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Gabriel is both serious and charismatic, his blonde hair and handsome looks allow him to have the prince charming appeal. He has a toned physique and is a simple romancer, which is the main reason your character finds him a love interest.

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His role at Ryan Corp is manager, but he has a softer approach to work than Ryan. He is both brave and confident and carries himself well. He can cause a lot of friction and jealously amongst the other male characters and seems to always catch your eye.

There are plenty more unique storylines and paths to go down in this virtual world and every episode can have its own unique ending depending on how you, the player, chooses to go about situations.

Conversations stimulate the storylines and with each speech you give, a response is given that can move the story forwards. There is no right or wrong way to play which gives the game a unique edge over other stimulation games, which is an element of why this game is so addictive and so successful.

Very popular among working women this game allows for an escape against the everyday stresses of modern life and allows the player to enter the world of fantasy, love, escapism and romance, but still allows you to be in control of your own destiny.

The game is certainly one worth checking out if you are looking for a new interactive hobby that can help you to be entertained in your free time. Whether it’s with a glass of wine after a long day at work, or snuggled up in bed before a good night’s sleep, is it love? will keep you entertained for hours and allows you to control your own romantic outcomes.

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