Choices: Stories You Play Hack Online – Unlimited Keys & Diamonds

Choices: Stories You Play Hack Online – Unlimited Keys & Diamonds

This Choices Stories You Play hack will allow you to generate unlimited keys & diamonds, meaning you can let the story unfold with no limitations due to lack of keys or diamonds.

Choices: Stories You Play is a game that’s available on most devices, including iOS and Android. The game is highly addictive, and contains a number of short stories which are controlled by you! This game takes books to a new level; imagine reading a book, but having a say in what happens next – that’s what you get with this game!

There are a number of different types of stories you can play, they include crime, romance, and fantasy. The game is easy for newcomers to get into, it’s not complicated, simply read the story and decide how you want it to proceed.

The stories which are currently available in the game include:

The Freshman: This is a story aimed at students or anybody who wants to relive their student years. You’re a freshman, just accepted into university, your life is filled with new friends, relationships, parties, and opportunities – what do you do?

Lovehacks: This is a love story – if the name didn’t give it away – you have just moved to a new city to work with a new company. During your time here, you make many friends, and date more than one of them; which one will turn out to be your true love?

Most Wanted: This is a murder mystery story, placing you in the character of a detective looking to find the killer. It’s like an interactive version of Cluedo!

Endless Summer: This story is somewhat of a mystery; you start off in an isolated holiday resort with friends, and this resort doesn’t seem to have any other guests… Some of your friends are worried about this, while others just want to party… what will your choice be?

The Crown and The Flame: This is an action story which sees the player saving his/her kingdom from the enemy. You will find yourself having to build an army to demolish your opposition, become a master of many weapons, and take your crown and kingdom back from your enemy.

The Rules of Engagement: This story is about love; your grandmother has left you a mansion in her will, but with one condition, you must be married within a set amount of time in order to become the new owner of the property; meaning you need to search and find true love before the end of the summer.

If you’ve already played Choices: Stories You Play, then you will be aware of the limitations that can be caused by not having enough keys or diamonds!

So, what are keys & Diamonds?


You probably already know that most games have their own currency to use within the game, and in the case of Choices, that currency is known as coins. They can be used to unlock new episodes of stories, as well as unlocking new stories for you to play. Every time you complete one part of the story, you need more keys to unlock the next part of the story. Keys can be purchased in-game, but they are expensive, that’s why the Choices Stories You Play hack is so popular, you can get unlimited keys at no cost!

If you decide to buy keys or diamonds from the in-game store, you’ll find that you’ll have to spend upwards of $100 in order to obtain a minimal amount of keys or diamonds, while with our Choices Stories You Play hack, you’ll not spend a dime! $100 is a lot of money to spend on a game, no matter how good a game it is.

You can earn keys without either of the methods above, but it’s slow! When you’re locked into a chapter, the last thing you want to do is wait for several hours while new keys are generated for you automatically by the game.

These are another type of currency in the game, and while they are not required to complete the game, they can be very advantageous, helping you to unlock exclusive stories, special items, and premium clothing.

These diamonds are very hard to come-by during the game, and when you do get the chance to collect some, you don’t get many! Until now, the easiest way to get more diamonds was by purchasing them from the in-game store – but that is very, very expensive. Now, thanks to the Choices Stories You Play hack, you can get unlimited diamonds for free!

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So, how do you get unlimited keys and diamonds using the choices stories you play hack? It couldn’t be easier, simply click here to visit the tools page, enter your username, and select whether you’re using iOS or Android, then click the button to generate your free keys and diamonds! It only takes a few seconds; occasionally you’ll be asked to manually verify that you’re not an automated bot taking advantage of the hack, if that’s the case, just complete the quick offer which they suggest, proving you’re human, and then your keys and diamonds will be instantly credited to your account! It’s as easy as that.

While you can complete the game without the need of a Choices Stories You Play hack, it’s much more fun and with fewer limitations, if you have instant access to all of the keys and diamonds. If you depend on getting the keys and diamonds from within the game, you’ll end up waiting for hours on end to be able to continue your story, and you may never get enough diamonds to unlock all of the premium material which the game offers – and who wants to play a game without playing to its full potential?

With this hack, you can play the story from start to finish in the time you want, without being limited by keys or diamonds. Don’t worry though, even if you complete all of the available stories within a day, thanks to this hack, Choices: Stories You Play are constantly adding new chapters and new stories to their collection, so you won’t have to wait long for a new chapter or story to appear, and you’ll have all of the keys and diamonds you need to explore that story, to its full potential.

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