Mobile Legends Hack Cheats Unlimited Diamonds and Battle Points Generator

Mobile Legends Hack Cheats Unlimited Diamonds and Battle Ponts Generator

Mobile Legends Hack Cheats Diamonds & Battle Ponts will help you to get ahead of competition quickly and safely, without requiring your hard-earned real money! It is the best way of advancing in the game.

About our Hack

As you may have guessed, Mobile Legends Hack works by exploiting a weakness in the distribution system of Moonton, hence enabling you to get as many diamonds as you want without paying. Normally it costs 1usd to buy 50 diamonds, 5usd to buy 250 diamonds, 100usd to buy 5,000 diamonds and so on. Needless to say that by doing so you will benefit from very powerful characters and everyone will fear you. However, not everyone has the money to buy these, and it’s truly harsh to think about spending 50usd or 100usd on a virtual game which has the only benefit of virtual entertainment.
This is why we have created this hack, in order to allow players of all ages to get free diamonds and hence upgrade their characters and unlock special missions and skills more easily. Think of it as taking a walk in the park, when you suddenly become very thirsty. You have the option of buying a bottle of water from the nearest merchant for 1usd, and you have to walk 5 minutes for it. However, you can walk 10 minutes and drink water from a pure fountain for free. Which one would you choose? Most people would go for the pure fountain, which in the virtual world translates into our hack for Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Another thing worthy to be mentioned is related to battle points. Diamonds work in most cases when it comes to premium items, yet some characters and products require battle points or gold in order to be bought. Now battle points can be obtained from certain missions, yet these missions are usually very difficult and provide only few battle points. Let’s say that one of the most difficult missions out there provide 300 Battle points, yet you need between 3000 and 25000 points to buy a good character or skill. What do you do in this regard, instead of playing same missions over and over? Simple; you resort to our Mobile Legends Hack, and generate even 50,000 battle points in a matter of seconds. And all will be done swiftly and securely, without any risk of getting kicked or banned from the game.

Our team of programmers has worked long months in order to compile and enhance this tool, so it works in an encrypt manner without alerting main server of Moonton that someone is trying to get many Diamonds or Battle points without paying. Everything is secure and in place, waiting for the right person to get the diamonds and battle points. You may be asked to complete some verification page, but this is only to prove that you are a real person and to avoid our system being blocked by bots. Furthermore, it won’t take more than 1 minute to complete this verification.

About the Mobile Legends

Now let us talk a little about the game. Mobile Legends Bang Bang is certainly very fun and a great way of making time pass by. If you have tried it, then you know how addictive it can get. Basically it is a MMO type of game, where players associate themselves into teams of 5, and fight for domination, respect and new features. Such battle takes maximum 10 minutes and is very fun and realistic, since the game benefits from a novelty graphic engine and good optimizations. You can choose to play this game on your tablet or on your phone, be it Android or iOS.

Perhaps the best feature of this game is the one related to real opponents. You are never fighting robots or AI-induced characters. All opponents are real, and it takes only 10 seconds to gather them all into a team and prepare the fight. You can fight in 3 different corridors and 4 jungle zones, where you can discover plenty of traps, turrets and enemy bosses. The battles are truly complex and involve the usage of different skills and powers, so no one knows the outcome of a battle until the very end.

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In order to win you will need a good team and a proper strategy, in addition to powered-up characters. You can choose between Tanks, Shooters, Mages, Assassins and more, all having unique features and skills that wait to be discovered. In order to have a good character you must constantly engage in difficult battles, or spend diamonds and battle points for its upgrade. The developers constantly launch new characters which make the game more fun and diverse, yet they are not always cheap.
The characters are easy to control due to the virtual joystick and game buttons, so after few minutes in the game you will know all that you are capable of. A smart feature included by the Moonton team is related to assistance in case of disconnection. If your internet goes down few seconds for unknown reasons, you can still return into the battle with same features, unlike many other games of this type.

Finally, Moonon occasionally organizes real-money competitions, with prize pools up to 100,000usd (real money). In order to have a better chance of winning these competitions you have to engage in constant battles and spend diamonds and battle points in order to make your characters stronger. Needless to say that by using our hack tool you have a far greater chance of winning them.

Advantages of using our Mobile Legends Hack

Perhaps the biggest advantage here is that you don’t have to spend any money to get diamonds and battle points. Our generator will automatically connect with the main server of Moonon (in a silent and undetectable manner) and attribute you the number of diamonds and battle points that you request.

Everything is secure and encrypted, so you don’t need to worry about your account being banned or showing warnings. Those who get banned are those who try different local tools in their mobile devices, but our generator has nothing to do with that. It allows you to get the diamonds and points from server side, so your account will always be safe.

And, another great benefit is that it only takes between few seconds and few minutes until you receive the diamonds and battle points into your account. You will certainly play a lot easier and have more fun once they are allotted for you.

Tips and Tricks for using Mobile Legends Hack Tool

Our tool is very easy to use. All you have to do is enter your Gaming ID/email, platform that you are playing on (e.g. Android or iOS) and number of diamonds or battle points that you want in your account.

While our tool is capable of generating an infinite amount of diamonds and points for your account, we suggest using it in moderate quantities in order to avoid suspicions. For instance, generating 5,000 diamonds and 50,000 battle points once per week should be enough to keep you going in excellent shape, since in-game prices are not that big. This way you will rejoice from top characters and new skills while also keeping your account safe from any possible suspicions.


If you want to save money and enjoy mobile gaming like never before, then use our Mobile Legends Hack and you will certainly not want to go back. You will become stronger than ever before, and all your opponents will fear you. Furthermore, you will most likely impose yourself by winning different competitions and why not, even real-money prizes? Give our Hack tool a try right now!

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